Must be 21 years old to apply.

CAN YOU FOSTER A DOG OR CAT TO HELP OUR FRIENDS AT THE NO-KILL SHELTER IN DENHAM SPRINGS? Come on New Orleans! ARNO was founded as a result of the flood after Katrina. Let’s pay it forward from no-kill to another. We are sisters! The Denham Springs Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in Denham Springs, La. was tragically flooded. Miraculously, the fast thinking volunteers opened the kennels and most of the animals survived! They are on a dry strip of land living in abandoned homes. The wonderful neighbors have all pitched in to feed them and keep them safe, but this is far from over. ARNO is asking for foster homes to apply to place the dogs and cats. Imagine the heartbreak of rescuing all of these wonderful animals only to have nowhere for them to go. ARNO will process applications to foster. Most of the dogs are big or medium sized. Please e-mail with any questions or call Ginnie 504-669-1908 or Kathy 504-717-0614 for more info. We will be processing applications to place dogs and cats early this week. As a foster you would provide day to day care and food. We will cover all medical through ARNO shelter.


Denham Springs Animal Shelter Foster Application
Must be 21 or older to apply
A complete answer to ALL questions will enable us to become more familiar with your request and requirements and will help us find the right dog or cat to match your needs and expectations.
Veterinarian Information
Please provide the full name, address, and phone number of your current veterinarian (or family/parents’ vet if you only had family pets): PLEASE ASK YOUR VET TO RELEASE YOUR VET INFORMATION TO US!
Your Home/Family
Caring for the Dog/Cat
I/We attest that the information supplied in this application is true to the best of our ability, and this application is a necessary part of the foster/adoption process, and the information provided will be kept confidential but is also enforceable under a Foster/Adoption Contract. I/We also understand that the submission of this application does not guarantee the foster or adoption of a pet from our shelter. I/We also give permission to have any and all information contained on this application verified by the shelter, including but not limited to veterinary and personal reference checks.