Founded in 2006, Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-based organization created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the New Orleans area, including responding to the immediate needs of those in need of medical care or those too old, too young, too sick, neglected, abused and deprived of love. ARNO promotes the foster, adoption and reunion of pets with their families as well as spaying and neutering all companion animals through our no-kill shelter.


Here at ARNO, we think the best kind of friends have a wet nose, happy tail, and covered in fur. All throughout October, bring home a pup 40lbs and over, and save $40 off the adoption fee!


Order Your “Couldn’t Carol Less” Pullover or Tee to benefit Carol and her friends at ARNO!


Ever have one of those lazy days?

Well for Carol, that’s everyday! Available in tees and hoodies, this shirt lets the world know you are feeling just like her. No matter how long your to-do list is, you can follow Carol’s mantra: kick some grass over it and never look back. Whether it’s for her crinkly ears or bold personality, this ARNO volunteer favorite can make her mark on your wardrobe.

The proceeds of “Couldn’t Carol Less” shirts goes towards providing training for Carol and dogs like her to help them find their forever homes. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!