by Gary Michael Smith

Cody enjoys visiting his buddy Raven at ARNO.

Cody enjoys visiting his buddy Raven at ARNO.

Twelve-year-old Cody Allen lived in New Orleans East with his family when Hurricane Katrina struck its devastating blow on August 29, 2005. They evacuated with their beautiful 5-year-old black lab mix to Tyler, TX as their home was being flooded by 6 feet of water. However, like many others who fled the storm for temporary accommodations, they found the need to find longer-term lodging until it was safe to return to New Orleans. But with a 90-pound dog with them, their prospects were limited. Consequently, the Allen family was forced to board Raven at the Humane Society near Tyler, Texas.

The Humane Society contacted ARNO in April to take care of Raven until the Allen family found a place that would take this extended member of their family. The staff at ARNO found it necessary to treat Raven for fleas and dermatitis, and then within four weeks was able to find a foster family to care for Raven until Cody and his family can return to New Orleans.

Cody and his family currently are repairing their home and hope to move in within the next three months. The foster family — Jonathan Frakes, his wife, and stepson — not only has been taking excellent care of Raven but also has started volunteering with ARNO to help care for some of the other dozens of dogs and cats housed at the Harahan facility.

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