December 11, 2008  All Photos by Laura Richard

DSC_0534Yes, it is snowing in New Orleans… today is the earliest ever recorded snowfall in our city’s history. Before today’s record-setting snowfall the weather service reports the previous record was set on December 22, 1989. Our last snowfall (just a ‘dusting’ of giant flakes up to two inches wide!) was nine months before Katrina struck on Dec. 25, 2004.

Snow is just the ticket for making all the ARNO volunteers (and our shelter pets!) feel like the holidays are nearing. We hope this holiday season you remember Animal Rescue New Orleans and the work we continue to accomplish for homeless animals in our region. If you make a tax-deductible donation of $50 or above we will send a card with a photograph of one of our shelter animals (dog, puppy, cat or kitten) that your donation has assisted and tell the recipient that pet’s story. We can also send the card to a friend that you want to let know you have remembered them in a special way. Great holiday gift for those who love animals as much as you do.

If you use PayPal to make your tax deductible donation of $50 or above, please put in the DSC_0607comments/notes section whom should receive the card. Include all your contact information so we can call you if we have any questions. We are offering our handmade cards only during the month of December.

Thank you for remembering the 5,000 plus animals that have been through our shelter and now have loving homes. We are hoping you continue to support ARNO DSC_0537so we can continue this important work. Remember, we are all volunteer, so every penny you contribute goes directly to sheltering and medically caring for our shelter pets, as well as assisting those who are indigent with their pet’s medical care and maintenance. No gift to ARNO is too small, so please give what you can.

Warmest wishes this holiday season…may love, peace and kindness touch you and yours!