BONDED PAIR RETURNED AFTER 8 YEARS: Monty and Cello: It was like a flashback to the past. The very beginnings of ARNO Post-Katrina. LiseMc going back down into the Monticello Canal back in late 2007, where we rescued so many dogs that were trapped there and this time she had two little puppies in her arms who were aptly named Monty and Cella. Adorable little tree walker hound mixes so scared and tiny, they seemed like they would be together forever even then. They were adopted together. Seemingly happy ending for the puppies of a Katrina survivor.

Then we got an email saying these wonderful dogs were at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in perfect condition, up to date on everything, but the owner could no longer keep them and he told them they were ARNO dogs. They knew just what to do. They contacted ARNO and they were whisked away and brought to ARNO. They seemed so happy to see us as they got out of the truck.

ARNO now is looking for a great home for these adorable 8 year old girls (who have been known as Mazzy and Suki all these years). They are a bonded pair and as Post-Katrina survivors we want them to stay together forever. These darlings are good with other dogs and cats. They just need a special home of their own.

Please give them the happy ending they so desperately need. For more info contact adopt@animalrescueneworleans.org