Vote for our ARNO tree at the Treasure Chest Casino Dec. 1-14th.

VOTE FOR ARNO TREE OF HOPE – TREE “N” ON THE BALLOT! Please come to see ARNO’s Tree of Hope at The Treasure Chest Casino in the entry hall at 5050 Williams in Kenner! All of the ornaments are current ARNO dogs and cats at the shelter. These ornaments were lovingly made by our volunteers, but we need your help. There are two ways to make a difference. You can go to the Treasure Chest Casino and vote (daily if you can from Dec 1-14) at one of the kiosks just inside the casino. You use your free member B Connected card to get a ballot and vote! ARNO has Christmas Tree “N” on the ballot. The prizes are 1st Place $3,000. 2nd Place $2,000, 3rd Place $1,500, 4th Place $1,000, 5th Place $750, 6th-12th Place $500 and 13th-18th Place $300.

There is another contest online. COMPUTER VOTES ONLY, it does not work from a cellphone. You can vote everyday at…/…/195693061000663/ from Dec 1-14 to help ARNO win one of the online prizes: 1st Place $500, 2nd Place $300 and 3rd Place $200! Please help us win prize money to help our rescues! Merry Christmas.