(5/1/06) — Charlotte Bass Lilly

ARNO gets messages from animal lovers all over the world — all want to help the animals in some way. One of the humane hearts who contacted us was Willie Nelson’s daughter, Amy. Seems Willie and his daughter got talking about the state of things in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Like millions around the country they, too, witnessed the television coverage and knew that animals, as well as people, were in big trouble.

Amy read that ARNO was out there feeding and watering the animals left in the street and thought, “We can help with this.” The Nelsons knew we needed to keep a steady supply of food for our 4,000+ feeding stations across the devastated area, so they kindly offered us steak scraps from Texas Roadhouse restaurants in our area. Of course they did not know that this could result in the largest case of diarrhea on the planet!

They were thanked for their kind offer, and a conversation (as well as a friendship) was started resulting in how they could indeed help the animals. Coming through like the champ he is, Willie graciously cut an audio public service announcement for little old ARNO. Listen to your radio stations, and if you’re not hearing this spot running, encourage your station to run the spot. All they have to do is contact ARNO at 504.522.0222. We would love to get this talented voice, now speaking for the voiceless, on every station in the country!

***Click here to listen to Willie Nelson’s spot for ARNO***

The story does not end here… Amy and Willie are now busy contacting their animal-loving friends and we hope to have more spots cut by pet-friendly celebs to run on stations across the country. The Nelsons are also personally conducting a campaign to assist us in securing pet food distributors to keep us supplied in pet food. (We use about 8,000 pounds of cat food a week.)

Willie and Amy know it is not over for the people and pets left in the aftermath of Katrina. Don’t forget us, and please do not abandon the pets who we help every day. Even a small donation will help us sustain our efforts — $5 buys 15 aluminum lasagna pans to hold pet food or water; $30 for an animal’s vaccines against disease; $40 to alter a female cat or small dog; $50 to care for ten dogs overnight; $75 pays for internet service for one month to search for owners still looking for their pets; $100 pays five days of utilities at our warehouse/shelter and $200 will treat a pooch for heartworms.

We need your help… Consider making a contribution to ARNO today, Willie did. Donate, volunteer, foster a pet that had no choice in losing their home, and/or foster a volunteer while they are in the New Orleans area. The animals need us to continue with our food/water, rescue/humane trapping, medical care, foster and adoption efforts. We cannot continue without your support.