Howard outside of the ARNO shelter brought in by ARNO volunteer feeder/trapper. Feeders act as ‘rescue angels’ daily on the streets and neighborhoods left devastated by Katrina. Nothing much in the landscape has changed in the 14 months since the storm.

Howard outside of the ARNO shelter brought in by ARNO volunteer feeder/trapper. Feeders act as ‘rescue angels’ daily on the streets and neighborhoods left devastated by Katrina. Nothing much in the landscape has changed in the 14 months since the storm.

Why is ARNO is still feeding in the 650 square miles of Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes that were devastated by the storm? After all, residents are returning albeit at a very low percentage in most areas… the areas that were relatively affluent before Katrina have a higher rate of returning residents. But even in neighborhoods that are being repopulated our feeders are still feeding the street animals and acting as rescue agents — or should we say ‘rescue angels’ — and save little lives every day. This puppy is proof that those life-saving efforts must go on… I don’t even like to consider where this pup would be without ARNO.

This beautiful little guy was rescued in uptown New Orleans by one of our feeder/trappers and just in the nick of time. The leg had been cleanly ‘hacked off’ at the hock and needed further amputation before a bone infection would become fatally systemic.

The house where the puppy was found was occupied and the resident gladly gave up the pup. When asked how the injury happened, the resident said it probably was ‘caught in a vine, or something, about three weeks ago.’ Thinking quickly the feeder asked where the other puppies were and got the reply that ‘the mother must have eaten them.’ In the yard of the house were two female pits chained to the fence with heavy chains around their necks.

This brave little pup, who did not complain once, was brought to the only emergency hospital open on a Saturday afternoon that could immediately attend to this type of injury. At Metairie Small Animal Hospital the pup was examined and x-rayed and, surprising all including the attending veterinarian, nothing could be found wrong with the pup other than the leg injury. The end of the leg was necrotic, a bone infection suspected, and it was decided the pup’s leg had to be amputated mid-femur to play it safe and guarantee the health of the animal.

Though ARNO cannot afford extraordinary measures to save an animal, we decided that it was the only way to proceed… there was really no other alternative, whether we could afford it or not.

Howard after his surgery.

Howard after his surgery.

We received a donation toward his medical costs from a client sitting in the vet’s waiting room… they overheard our perplexing conversation as to how we would pay for this kind of surgery. Because of their kind and unsolicited act we decided to name the puppy after the Howard family. So ‘Howard’ it would be… a strong name for a brave little guy. Howard is full of spirit and has no idea that he is missing a leg… just days after surgery he walks on a leash without a skip in his step! At only ten weeks of age he is already crate trained and is a total joy to be around. He is a merry little guy and reminds us every day how important it is for ARNO to continue.

Special thanks to the Howard family for contributing to Howard’s medical bills, and to Metairie Small Animal Hospital who gave this guy the best treatment a dog (or anyone!) could possibly receive.

If you would like to help us with Howard’s medical expenses go to PayPal on our homepage and click on the icon… even a small donation aids us in our rescue work and will help us afford Howard’s medical expenses.

Cruelty Investigation

We have filed reports with animal control to investigate the residence where Howard was found. We must act responsibly and make sure that all the animals at that location are cared for properly, and if not, they will be removed from the premises and the ‘owner’ charged with cruelty and/or neglect.

Become A Rescue Angel

If you are interested in volunteering for our food/water program and becoming a ‘rescue angel’ yourself, email arnovolunteer@yahoo.com and we will respond. We also need volunteers for animal care to help us take care of pups like Howard at our animal shelter. Without our volunteers there would be no ARNO, and no rescue of Howard.

You can also submit a volunteer application on our volunteer page.

About ARNO
Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) was created for and is dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. ARNO’s response includes, but is not limited to, immediate medical needs, as well as rescue of those animals that have been neglected, abused and deprived of loving care. ARNO promotes the foster, adoption, and reunion of pets with their original caretakers, as well as spaying/neutering of all companion animals. ARNO has the largest foster network of a rescue organization in the state of Louisiana, fostering for reunites as well as finding new homes for pets that are not claimed.