Can you spare a little time or a dime?

Updated 8/20/08 ARNO Volunteer

We need volunteers who can help us at the shelter. ARNO is very short of local help and need people who can assist us with animal care. Duties include ‘dishes’ (litter pans and food/water bowl scrubbing), laundry, cat cages cleaned, puppy pens cleaned, dogs walked, floors swept and mopped… but mostly we need help with dishes and the cats… as our shelter is loaded with cats and kittens right now. Volunteer hours are 9am-9pm, seven days a week, and if you only have a few hours on even one day to help we would love you to come! (Public hours are 3pm-7pm, seven days.)

Donations and volunteers are always needed to continue this invaluable work.  ARNO receives no major funding, existing entirely on your donations.  Donations are low for all nonprofits at this time of year, but for us it is especially critical since it comes at puppy/kitten season. Please consider helping in any way you can.  Medical bills, rent and utilities are our biggest expenses. PLEASE if you can help us even with a small monthly stipend, and become a Sanctuary Member, we know an awful lot of four-legged buddies that will want to kiss you ‘thanks.’

Please post to your friends and associates who care about animals. ARNO’s success has always been, and continues to be, dependent upon volunteers. We need more local volunteers to keep the operation running. ARNO has been blessed with a successful outreach for out-of-state volunteers but there are times when we must call upon our local folks. We know locals are all busy with your own rescues, rebuilding your homes, your businesses, and trying to get back to financial stability. But please consider coming to help us at the shelter… even one day a week for a few hours. On our homepage we have a downloadable pdf file that you can print and put in your local hangout, i.e. coffee shop, restaurant, wherever! (If you can’t put in the shop, put in the bathroom… we have gotten some of our best volunteers like that!)

If you know high school students who love animals, this is a perfect opportunity to put in community service hours, and a wonderful opportunity to add a bright spot to the lives of our rescued pets.

The shelter is located at 271 Plauche St., New Orleans 70123; in the Elmwood business park area off Edwards Ave. You can let us know when you can come by signing up via our volunteer form and  tell us what duties you’d prefer. For further information, or to answer any questions, please email and we will answer you as soon as we can. Come join our family and feel the hope, the energy, the joie de vivre (and our undying gratitude)!