As some of you have heard, Charlotte has been having some medical issues and had to have major surgery. Her recovery period is underway as she spends some much needed (and now necessary) time at home. Although she would love to call and speak with each and every one of her dear friends, as well as visit with everyone she can, she needs to rest so she can speed up her recovery and continue to heal, as well as deal with any other issues that come up. She is so appreciative to everyone that is inquiring and sending well wishes! She wants to send Super Duper THANKS! to all for good wishes, prayers, cards, flowers, presents and positive vibes sent her way.

ARNO will continue to be the number 1 resource for all our animal friends who so desperately need our help. One of Charlotte’s biggest concerns is not about her health, but about ARNO’s continued success. She wants everyone to continue their part and help out wherever things are needed. ARNO has an active board and a few things are being restructured to ensure all areas are covered during Charlotte’s recovery, as Char did so much. Continued wishes, cards and prayers are appreciated. Updates will be posted here and at the shelter.