Volunteers Needed During the Holidays

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES DURING THE HOLIDAYS? We need you!!! Volunteers are ARNO’s lifeblood. We couldn’t exist without the generous service of our volunteers. Duties include, but are not limited to: dishes (litter pans and food/water bowl scrubbing and disinfecting), laundry, cat cages cleaned, puppy and dog pens cleaned, dogs walked, sweeping/disinfectant mopping, carriers sanitized, light housekeeping in the office/bathrooms, night dog-walking team members (over 18, from 6-8pm nightly), manning booths at events, etc.


Please visit our Volunteer page and fill out our short volunteer form to register. We have volunteer opportunities 7 days a week/365 days a year from 9a-9p. We welcome high school students completing service hours for credit and anyone who is an animal lover! We also welcome court ordered community service volunteers! We guarantee you’ll have a most rewarding experience!