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  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES DURING THE HOLIDAYS? We need you!!! Volunteers are ARNO’s lifeblood. We couldn’t exist without the generous service of our volunteers. Duties include, but are not limited to: dishes (litter pans and food/water bowl scrubbing and disinfecting), laundry, cat cages cleaned, puppy and dog pens cleaned, dogs walked, sweeping/disinfectant mopping, […]

  • IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN – ARNO NEEDS LAUNDRY ANGELS! KELLY LIKES HER CLEAN BLANKETS! A laundry angel is someone that comes and picks up a bag or two of laundry from us and washes it offsite and then returns it to us. When the weather gets cooler, we go through a lot of […]

  • As some of you have heard, Charlotte has been having some medical issues and had to have major surgery. Her recovery period is underway as she spends some much needed (and now necessary) time at home. Although she would love to call and speak with each and every one of her dear friends, as well […]

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